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Where We Are - Westlife (Smokin' New Music)

24 hours.

As you see the snow is falling down again, you know it’s Christmas time!! I love this season. Not that I’m a Christian (because I’m not…). Me, simply loving the atmosphere of Christmas songs filled the air.

Right on time. It’s Westlife(clickable)! They usually would have a brand new album during this snowy season.

After seeing the 10 Years of Westlife Live at Croke Park Stadium for almost two hours, I (frankly) had a mixed feeling.

On top of the part they are my innocent childhood idols (and I proudly bought different versions of their same albums), they sang undeniably well in the 83,000 audiences concert but I doubted they were as great as they were used to be. Shane’s voice was finely husky (growing as a real man instead of regressing) and Mark’s was diva-ing and loving the homo edition of himself. “You’re flying without wings…” Anyway, I still sang along their crooning songs.

Come back to the current album, Where We Are, it’s the tenth album from the Irish boyband. Besides covering Daughtry’s What About Now, another twelve (12) songs are originals. I realize that they are still the best boyband ever in my life time. Okay, I also love The Beatles. But they are dead.

There is a reason why this album is a great success – Simon Cowell is the executive producer. I truly salute his taste and knowledge, in pop music industry. Not fashion.

5 strongly recommended songs from Where We Are:

1. No More Heroes
2. Talk Me Down
3. Leaving
4. Shadows
5. The Difference

FYI, Westlife garnered 14 number one singles in the United Kingdom, the third-highest in UK history, trailing behind only Elvis Presley and The Beatles. But they are NOT doing teen pop anymore. As I’m blogging about Westlife, I apparently kinda miss that genre.

Buy the album if you have money! It’s totally worth your money. More than enough.

That’s all for now. And Merry Christmas.


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It was a tantalizing night. I mean, the foods. I’m back with all the great foods. Hehe… I JUST LOVE EATING!

For your visual pleasure, only.

The Fruitti Stall

The Fruitti Stall

I have never been to any Gei Dak Sek restaurant in Malaysia. It was my first time giving it a try by the roadside at Kepong with my friends; KK and Mei Huey. You guys ROCK!!

Chinese Sweetest Drinks aka Tong Shui

Chinese Sweetest Drinks aka Tong Shui

Four different flavors of Tong Shui I present to you which are peanut butter, waterchessnut, black glutinous and gingo.

Little Edible Mango Iceberg aka Mango Loh

Little Edible Mango Iceberg aka Mango Loh

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake

The carrot cake is One of the Bestest. MUST try!

Siew Kow

Fish Fillet

Cheong Fun

Cheong Fun

Crabmeat Taufu

Crabmeat Taufu

Siew Kow

Siew Kow

XLLL Prawn Soup Noodles

RM27 XLLL-Sized Prawn Soup Noodles

Hmmm… Irresistible. And I totally LOVED it. I’m sure it’s absolutely gonna be my second, third, forth, fifth, sixth… Visitation to the crowded stall.

At least… You haven’t forgotten about me.

Silently, I received your message at 11 o’clock. At night.

I gazed at my inbox for 5 minutes, blissfully. I smiled.

Its not over.

It's not over.

I knew that your unread message was magical. I was woken, pleased and convinced.

For a reason, you care for me. I truly hope so.


It was 10 PM in Bangkok. You were with him.

Again, I’m late. One-hour late.

Again, I’m late. Six-year late.

Please lemme in.

I’m just LATE.









小蓝的骑士 笔

When I was a little boy, I did not understand why the resting birds on the sunlit roof would fly away when I approached them. Not that I wanted to spring them away. But they just flew away and left me behind.

Time passed. When I was bigger but young, I did not want to explain to myself why I was such a failure in fishing. You know, the swimming fish had seemed to get near to me but in the end I became disappointed as none was successfully captured. Consequently, I knew that the fish behaved like the birds.

Now, I am no longer a little boy. Biggerer. I started to realize that a thing happens for a reason. I could always learn to explain every occurrence. The birds were scared. The fish were terrified. Blah blah blah… Just any sucky explanation will do a consolation.

Unlike them, I was gormless and never being self-protective. Sadly, I was left behind by the birds and disappointed by the fish.

Perhaps, I should have acted like them. By nature, being cautious about any risk of getting hurt. No!! Not paranoid! Just more lifelike.

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