Technically, I don’t know how to babysit my nephews.

They don’t need me, somehow!

Mes neveux et moi

Mes neveux et moi

Both of them are my eldest brother’s well-educated but spoiled sons. The elder is Chia Qi aged 8 and the younger is Chia Yi aged 5. And I have to say, the brothers are more playful than I was when I was a little boy. Perhaps, smarter.

Chia Qi played the computer games non-stop; more than 6 hours. Of course, I knew that his eyes would be damaged so I tried to stop him from looking at the monitor screen by offering him some slices of pizzas. But well… He knew that he needed to get back to the games. He minimized the window and showed me the Desktop wallpaper. But after less than 1 minute, he continued the games. Occasionally, he screamed out loud as his character level was upped. Happy ‘Pokémon’ Holiday!

Chia Yi was slightly laughable. Usually, he sat beside his brother in front of the computer and waited for his turn. But his turn seemed to be wasted most of the time. Hence, I let him play the childish games from my laptop. Avoiding the bombs, feeding the fishes, shooting the birds… Okay, my games. Sometimes I wanted to use my laptop and he ironically pretended that he could read the newspapers beside me – waiting for his turn again. Then he would turn on the television and enthusiastically explain to me his favourite cartoon biography before the ‘Play’ button was pressed.

Mmm hmmm… My dear nephews.