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Malaysias largest and number one Room For Rent / To Let website

Malaysia's largest & number one Room For Rent / To Let website (CariBilik)

CariBilik is the Malaysia’s LARGEST and NUMBER ONE room for rent and to let website. It has over 15,000 ROOMS posted online all across Malaysia, including Ampang, Bangsar, Cheras, Damansara and E and F and G… You name it!!

I personally find it helpful to look for my future dream room. Oh yeah… I will move out once I get a new job! But I am still not sure where I will move in because it has to depend upon my future workplace. My first priority, convenience and… Near to my bestest friends!

Apparently, I recommend that you should register an account on CariBilik. Because… It is FREE!! When you have your own account, you can always browse the website and become an advanced user.

The most interesting part is that you can bookmark any preferable post from the website on which you are possibly interested in the particular room rental. Also, you can add many postings with or without photo attachment whether you are into room for rent or to let. Of course, you are able to specify the room condition, such as the availability of the Internet, monthly rental, etc. Anyway, you can just describe your wanted criteria!

Although the room rental posted online is categorized according to different locations, the website does not sort the search results accordingly by the most recent update or relevance, even as the search engine is Google Custom Search. Subsequently, it will be extra useful if the function of subscription can be developed hence it will be easier for the subscribers to follow up their self-selected locations.

But speaking of unlimited resources, this is the best website for you. So…. Are you packing up already?