When I was a little boy, I did not understand why the resting birds on the sunlit roof would fly away when I approached them. Not that I wanted to spring them away. But they just flew away and left me behind.

Time passed. When I was bigger but young, I did not want to explain to myself why I was such a failure in fishing. You know, the swimming fish had seemed to get near to me but in the end I became disappointed as none was successfully captured. Consequently, I knew that the fish behaved like the birds.

Now, I am no longer a little boy. Biggerer. I started to realize that a thing happens for a reason. I could always learn to explain every occurrence. The birds were scared. The fish were terrified. Blah blah blah… Just any sucky explanation will do a consolation.

Unlike them, I was gormless and never being self-protective. Sadly, I was left behind by the birds and disappointed by the fish.

Perhaps, I should have acted like them. By nature, being cautious about any risk of getting hurt. No!! Not paranoid! Just more lifelike.