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Have you ever heard of a fashion designer named Kyuan?

Yes. He is my friend.

I must always say that he is my friend, proudly. Haha… Anyway, he must be rolling his eyes if he reads this little promotion of him. Okay la.. He doesn’t need me at all.

But I have decided to upload some of his designs which made him the Best Evening Wear Designer Award winner of MIFA 2008 weeks ago.

Here we go..

Oh well… The three evening wear garments are absolutely stunning. I’m not forced to praise la.. I really mean it!! But I wanna make fun of comment on his designs. Perhaps, his fashion show.

MIFA 2008 - Kyuans Design 1

MIFA 2008 - Kyuan's Design 1

The first evening wear design brings the oriental aroma. At least I feel this way. The model looks like a Chinese ghost imported from Beijing. I mean, she must have walked like a cat – that’s why she needs to do a cat walk. I missed the show. Okay, I didn’t attend the show. But if I were there sitting at the very last row, she definitely scares me out of my skin. She acts like a smiling angry ghost. The feeling is melancholy. Perfect. Okay, I’m confused. I’m not a pro.

MIFA 2008 - Kyuans Design 2

MIFA 2008 - Kyuan's Design 2

If she is selling SEX, she does a very good job. I’m not sure whether she’s showing off her diamond wedding ring or pressing her left breast. Haha… Or singing Mariah Carey’s popular lines of “Touch my body… Touch my body…”. Because of the matter of sex… She is sexy. She wins my heart. To be frank, this is my favourite garment. She fully delivers the message to the audiences and is very confident. *claps*

MIFA 2008 - Kyuans Design 3

MIFA 2008 - Kyuan's Design 3

Oh no.. What a face!! Okay, I need to calm down. For three minutes.

I was wrong.

She has to stand beside James Bond. Shoot me!! Yes, the feeling is right on the spot. She makes the ladies wanna wear what she’s wearing.

And here I present to you… Belinda Chee!!!!

Belinda Chee

Belinda Chee

She is GORGEOUS. Slightly short but GORGEOUS. Très bien.

MIFA 2008 - Kyuans Design 4

MIFA 2008 - Kyuan's Design 4

But it surely would be better if the dress was tighter. This is Kyuan’s fault!

You don’t know who the hell Kyuan is??


Happy Kyuan

Happy Kyuan

Yong Kai Yuan!! Who said you could hold their hands? Grrr…. (And the Batman’s girlfriend is wearing Kyuan’s avant-garde design.)

Serious. From my point of view, the Chinese ghost, the sexy Mariah Carey, the James Bond girl and the Batman’s girlfriend are great. I’m sincere now. All of the Kyuan’s designs are above par.

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Real Matchbox:
Congratulations to Kyuan for winning MIFA 2008 Best Evening Wear Designer Award. Hmmm… He deserves more than that!! Haha… And Belinda Chee from 8TV was there for him, wearing his casual wear design!!

I practically started my laboratory works for my thesis. Hopefully everything goes well!!

My Nephews Megatron

My Nephews' Megatron

I wasted almost one month doing nothing for my thesis. Haha… I was just relaxing most of the time. I knew I had to kick it off by hook or by crook. And I did it lo.. It was boring and tiring. More to go..

Happy December!

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I wanted to blog something here days ago but I just didn’t due to the sudden little business. Anyway, just now the projects had been submitted to DOE for the sake of goodness. I’m just a trainee. I should have more time feeling sleepy or dozing off. Unfortunately, I never have the chance.

How we wished we had a KTV system at home!!!!

Ironically, my sister visited me right after she finished her final exam. The truth was she needed a free accommodation from me. Hmmm… We didn’t really have much time going out but at least we went to sing K lo.. Haha… That was a funny and happy moment.


Recently, owing to the internship commitment, I find that 24 hours is not enough for me. I just need more time doing my own stuffs la..

Like this…

Not the only sleeper

And spending more time with my family.

I wanna follow you.

As I predicted, David Cook finally won American Idol 2008. I was so excited. Congratulations to DC!!

Winner of American Idol 2008 – David Cook

And now… SURPRISE!!!!

I roguishly uploaded a clip last week and another new one just now on YouTube of me singing with my lame guitar skills. I’m very sincere. Haha… Just enjoy!

The first video is No One originally sung by Alicia Keys and the latter one is Bleeding Love from Leona Lewis. These two songs are my current favourites.

In fact, after reading some blogs of my friends, I took this BIG STEP to upload my own clips. Needless to keep a tight rein on myself anymore, it means nothing to me now. *claps* I wanna have gusto and do something I wanna do for myself for the rest of my life – Music. It’s everywhere. Music never dies!!!!

Oh.. Support me!! If you can.

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