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Where We Are - Westlife (Smokin' New Music)

24 hours.

As you see the snow is falling down again, you know it’s Christmas time!! I love this season. Not that I’m a Christian (because I’m not…). Me, simply loving the atmosphere of Christmas songs filled the air.

Right on time. It’s Westlife(clickable)! They usually would have a brand new album during this snowy season.

After seeing the 10 Years of Westlife Live at Croke Park Stadium for almost two hours, I (frankly) had a mixed feeling.

On top of the part they are my innocent childhood idols (and I proudly bought different versions of their same albums), they sang undeniably well in the 83,000 audiences concert but I doubted they were as great as they were used to be. Shane’s voice was finely husky (growing as a real man instead of regressing) and Mark’s was diva-ing and loving the homo edition of himself. “You’re flying without wings…” Anyway, I still sang along their crooning songs.

Come back to the current album, Where We Are, it’s the tenth album from the Irish boyband. Besides covering Daughtry’s What About Now, another twelve (12) songs are originals. I realize that they are still the best boyband ever in my life time. Okay, I also love The Beatles. But they are dead.

There is a reason why this album is a great success – Simon Cowell is the executive producer. I truly salute his taste and knowledge, in pop music industry. Not fashion.

5 strongly recommended songs from Where We Are:

1. No More Heroes
2. Talk Me Down
3. Leaving
4. Shadows
5. The Difference

FYI, Westlife garnered 14 number one singles in the United Kingdom, the third-highest in UK history, trailing behind only Elvis Presley and The Beatles. But they are NOT doing teen pop anymore. As I’m blogging about Westlife, I apparently kinda miss that genre.

Buy the album if you have money! It’s totally worth your money. More than enough.

That’s all for now. And Merry Christmas.


At least… You haven’t forgotten about me.

Silently, I received your message at 11 o’clock. At night.

I gazed at my inbox for 5 minutes, blissfully. I smiled.

Its not over.

It's not over.

I knew that your unread message was magical. I was woken, pleased and convinced.

For a reason, you care for me. I truly hope so.


It was 10 PM in Bangkok. You were with him.

Again, I’m late. One-hour late.

Again, I’m late. Six-year late.

Please lemme in.

I’m just LATE.

I’m jobless.

Specifically, unemployed.

Come what may...

Come what may...

I’m so damn free.


I have been looking for a suitable job. But it seems kinda difficult for me to get a preferable job specification in a good workplace with an expected salary. And etc… Please get me a job! I don’t wanna wake up but think of sleeping and sleep but think of waking up.

And I don’t wanna babysit my nephews!

I simply love singing.

Viva La Vida @ NUOVO UKM Traditional Orchestra 2009

Viva La Vida @ 'NUOVO' UKM Traditional Orchestra 2009

Hello! I am back with new updates. It was unexpectedly interesting to sing together with an orchestra, specifically a traditional orchestra, even though it was not as easy as I thought it was. I was glad that I met good people there. Thanks to my old and new friends for being 100% supportive and helpful for times.

Viva La Vida was originally performed by Coldplay. However, I was proud to be given a great opportunity to co-operate with the traditional orchestra team of my university to produce our very own cover version.

Vow @ Summer Snow NTLP 12

Vow @ 'Summer Snow' NTLP 12

Apart from that, I needed to do a duet with a girl from China. Seriously, I felt kinda tired of doing a duet instead of a solo majorly due to the weak management team. The girl was a greenhorn and nobody was there to guide her in the sense of performing an art.

She needed some constructive critics. NOT some personal opinions. Frankly, I was not the best partner for her but I did what I had to do for her. And I was enlightened that she appreciated my little efforts.

From my experiences, I knew that there was still room for improvement in my work. I looked for betterment but it was strictly limited by the conservative and repetitive culture. And I disliked it. Again, I almost expected correctly what I could expect from the whole process.

Rain In The Summer @ Summer Snow NTLP 12

Rain In The Summer @ 'Summer Snow' NTLP 12

I realized that not everyone could kick up the heels and treasure every moment. To me, it was a serious task but they didn’t quite understand some significant chapters of their lives. Not necessarily roistering. Somehow, it was sad for them.

Hmmm… I strongly feel that a better frame of mind can make things better. Honestly, cowing people means nothing. We are all adults. Why not try to accept new evolution? Don’t act stupidly when your friends are there to help. They feel uneasy, probably.

Anyway, I enjoyed myself working with my members who were friendly and swiftly creative. It was great that we had the moments of ups and downs. Thanks to those sharing their precious experiences and sending the nice photos to me.

Unlike others. We don’t have to wait till the cows come home to do what we love doing. This is life… And it goes on….

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My life is wonderful. I met Jason Mraz.

Jason Mraz Live in Malaysia 2009

Jason Mraz Live in Malaysia 2009

I was lucky enough as I actually went to the one and only Jason Mraz concert in Malaysia. Undoubtedly, his live performance was très bien. He was simply slumberous (which was great) yet amazingly talented. I had goosebumps for times when he was connected to his songs, emotionally.

He spoke French!

Okay, he said ‘Terima Kasih’, too.

But I was happier when he spoke French and I surprisingly understood most of the multiple languages he spoke. Haha…

Meow~~~~ Jason and I both like cats. I guess.

Meow~~~~ Jason and I both like cats. I guess.

I must say, he was bootyliciously funny. I loved him when he made every hilarious movement on stage. He was singing on stage so close to me. Unbelievably damn!! In a very good way.

Musically, he planted his melodies in my heart. That’s all.

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