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Where We Are - Westlife (Smokin' New Music)

24 hours.

As you see the snow is falling down again, you know it’s Christmas time!! I love this season. Not that I’m a Christian (because I’m not…). Me, simply loving the atmosphere of Christmas songs filled the air.

Right on time. It’s Westlife(clickable)! They usually would have a brand new album during this snowy season.

After seeing the 10 Years of Westlife Live at Croke Park Stadium for almost two hours, I (frankly) had a mixed feeling.

On top of the part they are my innocent childhood idols (and I proudly bought different versions of their same albums), they sang undeniably well in the 83,000 audiences concert but I doubted they were as great as they were used to be. Shane’s voice was finely husky (growing as a real man instead of regressing) and Mark’s was diva-ing and loving the homo edition of himself. “You’re flying without wings…” Anyway, I still sang along their crooning songs.

Come back to the current album, Where We Are, it’s the tenth album from the Irish boyband. Besides covering Daughtry’s What About Now, another twelve (12) songs are originals. I realize that they are still the best boyband ever in my life time. Okay, I also love The Beatles. But they are dead.

There is a reason why this album is a great success – Simon Cowell is the executive producer. I truly salute his taste and knowledge, in pop music industry. Not fashion.

5 strongly recommended songs from Where We Are:

1. No More Heroes
2. Talk Me Down
3. Leaving
4. Shadows
5. The Difference

FYI, Westlife garnered 14 number one singles in the United Kingdom, the third-highest in UK history, trailing behind only Elvis Presley and The Beatles. But they are NOT doing teen pop anymore. As I’m blogging about Westlife, I apparently kinda miss that genre.

Buy the album if you have money! It’s totally worth your money. More than enough.

That’s all for now. And Merry Christmas.


Eye-catching buildings and proudly-standing skyscrapers are the significant landmarks for people around the world. But with changing modern lifestyles, people realize the increasingly discerning tastes. Today, everyone understands the importance of property search and investment of functional yet stylish properties and real estates.

Malaysia Property and Real Estate Investment (PropWall)

Malaysia Property and Real Estate Investment (PropWall)

PropWall is an online property and real estate website which is also an informative platform where you can discover a wide range of properties and real estates in Malaysia. For every property and realty, the website provides detailed facts, such as the layouts and available facilities. Multiple photos and clear maps are attached together for each of them. Besides, it also allows its members to connect and get answers to their inquiries.

Marc Residence, KLCC (SkyscraperCity)

Marc Residence, KLCC (SkyscraperCity)

One interesting section of the website is the ranking. Currently, Marc Residence retains its No. 1 PropWall ranking. FYI, it is a luxurious condominium consists of two blocks developed by Beverly Tower Development. Furthermore, ranking second and third are Dua Residency and Kiaraville, respectively.

Dua Residency, KLCC (SkyscraperCity)

Dua Residency, KLCC (SkyscraperCity)

Kiaraville, Mont Kiara (SkyscraperCity)

Kiaraville, Mont Kiara (SkyscraperCity)

The BEST part is that PropWall helps you professionally analyze the properties whether they are worth for investments. It provides a quick assessment of the attractiveness and weakness for each property. Thus you are confident and advisedly one step ahead of your vibrant properties.

Nevertheless, PropWall can be more successfully useful if more advertisers take part in the potential market to promote the properties, business and services on the website so it has more potential to evolve into a major property and real estate agent.

Are you irritated by your loud snoring roommate?

Are you jeopardized by your dangerous house area?


Are you thinking of escaping from your 12 o’clock curfew?

Come on!! Get a life!!

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Malaysias largest and number one Room For Rent / To Let website

Malaysia's largest & number one Room For Rent / To Let website (CariBilik)

CariBilik is the Malaysia’s LARGEST and NUMBER ONE room for rent and to let website. It has over 15,000 ROOMS posted online all across Malaysia, including Ampang, Bangsar, Cheras, Damansara and E and F and G… You name it!!

I personally find it helpful to look for my future dream room. Oh yeah… I will move out once I get a new job! But I am still not sure where I will move in because it has to depend upon my future workplace. My first priority, convenience and… Near to my bestest friends!

Apparently, I recommend that you should register an account on CariBilik. Because… It is FREE!! When you have your own account, you can always browse the website and become an advanced user.

The most interesting part is that you can bookmark any preferable post from the website on which you are possibly interested in the particular room rental. Also, you can add many postings with or without photo attachment whether you are into room for rent or to let. Of course, you are able to specify the room condition, such as the availability of the Internet, monthly rental, etc. Anyway, you can just describe your wanted criteria!

Although the room rental posted online is categorized according to different locations, the website does not sort the search results accordingly by the most recent update or relevance, even as the search engine is Google Custom Search. Subsequently, it will be extra useful if the function of subscription can be developed hence it will be easier for the subscribers to follow up their self-selected locations.

But speaking of unlimited resources, this is the best website for you. So…. Are you packing up already?