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I don’t remember the last time I wrote a letter. I mean, a traditional paper-and-pen letter but not an e-mail.

Cape No. 7

Cape No. 7

Cape No. 7 is a 2008 Taiwanese film written and directed by Taiwanese director Wei Te-Sheng. The film is mainly in Mandarin Chinese but it also contains significant lines in Taiwanese and Japanese. One important point is that this movie has attracted unexpected widespread popularity in Taiwan and has become the highest grossing film produced on the island.

Some spoilers.

In the 1940s when Taiwan was a Japanese colony, a Japanese teacher (Kousuke Atari) dispatched to the southernmost town of Hengchun and fell in LOVE with a local girl with the Japanese name Kojima Tomoko (Rachel Liang). Hmmm… Rachel is the first runner up of the Season 2 of Chao Ji Xing Guang Da Dao.

Le professeur

Le professeur

Back to the story. After the Surrender of Japan, the teacher was forced to return to his home country. On his trip home, he penned seven love letters to express his regret for leaving Kojima Tomoko, who originally planned to elope with him to Japan.

Sept Lettres

Sept Lettres

More than 60 years after the teacher left Kojima Tomoko, Aga (Van Fan) is introduced as a struggling young Hengchun-native rock band singer who could not find success in Taipei.

Gazing out...

Gazing out...

After returning to his hometown, Aga’s step father (Ju-Lung Ma), the Town Council Representative, has arranged a position for him as a postman. Reluctantly, he has no choice and started his life as a poor postman until…



One day Aga comes across an undeliverable piece of mail: the daughter of the now deceased Japanese teacher has decided to mail the unsent love letters to Taiwan after discovering them. Aga unlawfully opens the package to discover its contents, but the old Japanese-style address Cape No. 7, Hengchun County, Takao Prefecture could no longer be found.



Meantime a local resort hotel inside Kenting National Park is organizing a beach concert featuring Japanese pop singer Kousuke Atari, but Aga’s step father makes use of his official position to insist that the opening band be composed of locals. Tomoko (Chie Tanaka), a Mandarin-speaking Japanese fashion model dispatched to Hengchun, is assigned the difficult task of managing this hastily assembled band, led by Aga.

After a frustrating trial period Aga and Tomoko unexpectedly begin a relationship in Aga’s room. Haha… I’m not sure how drunk they are.



With some assistance from hotel maid Mingchu (Shino Lin), Tomoko helps Aga find Kojima Tomoko, the rightful recipient of the seven love letters.



Take me to wherever you go~~

Take me to wherever you go~~

Aga then returns to the beach resort and performs a highly successful concert with this local band and Kousuke Atari.

Atteinte dehors pour létoile!

Atteinte dehors pour l'étoile!

SO?? Here’s the trailer for more information.

DONT miss this one!

DON'T miss this one!

In conclusion, this is an improvement for Taiwanese production with a clear historical background. Undeniably, I watched it as I thought it was a musical production. As I know, Van is a great singer even though he is not as famous as Jay.

But then I’m kinda disappointed with the old folks appearing in the movie. I don’t hate it la!! But the old man who plays the Chinese traditional musical instrument is quite annoying. And too many Ah Bengs…

Oh well… My positive feedbacks include the songs are touching and the movie plot has good quality although Rachel appears almost at the ending part of the story.



Another interesting part of the movie is about the letters written by the Japanese teacher. The contents fully described the loneliness of a desperate man. I vividly remember… Je ne veux pas être seul.


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It was a heaven-sent opportunity to join my supervisor and others to FLY to Alor Setar to launch a seminar regarding the WASP (Water Analysis Simulation Program) model at Holiday Villa. In my fevered excitement, I was tired at the same time because my job seemed never ending.


And surely, we stayed over night at the hotel. Oh ya.. Here I wanna thank KK for sending me to the airport and hmmm… He was so so so so kind la.. I borrowed RM100 from him. Actually I didn’t ask for it but he knew my predicament and took out the money from his wallet and passed the cash to me. I was like… Haizzz… And very grateful. 

I’m so poor. 

As I heard of my other coursemates’ internships, I seriously don’t care how good or bad theirs are. To be easily nosey, I bet some of them are gonna show off when the new semester comes. Mine ain’t that bad! By the way, I really really wanna thank my supervisor for giving me a lot of chances that I would never expect from the company. Secrets. Merci. Haha…

To me, she lavishes her maximum attention on me. Hehe… To reduce my furtiveness, I can share my short experiences (going to finish the second month) working there but I’m not gonna blog them out. As it may sound like I’m blaming too much or bluffing.


Holiday Villa

When I get so tired, I always have to tell myself that it’s better than I have nothing to do and shaking my legs and subsequently dozing off. Frankly, beggars can’t be choosers. I’m learning to appreciate what I have now. 

If there’s a heaven…

It’s amazing when you wake up in the morning and you realize that a new day has come and you can live it!! 

Alor Setar is not near to Changloon but I’m happy that I was there. So near to my lovely hometown. *roll eyes* 

Another shameless clip posted on YouTube. Haha… When You Look Me in the Eyes by Jonas Brothers. Enjoy! 

I wanted to blog something here days ago but I just didn’t due to the sudden little business. Anyway, just now the projects had been submitted to DOE for the sake of goodness. I’m just a trainee. I should have more time feeling sleepy or dozing off. Unfortunately, I never have the chance.

How we wished we had a KTV system at home!!!!

Ironically, my sister visited me right after she finished her final exam. The truth was she needed a free accommodation from me. Hmmm… We didn’t really have much time going out but at least we went to sing K lo.. Haha… That was a funny and happy moment.


Recently, owing to the internship commitment, I find that 24 hours is not enough for me. I just need more time doing my own stuffs la..

Like this…

Not the only sleeper

And spending more time with my family.

I wanna follow you.

As I predicted, David Cook finally won American Idol 2008. I was so excited. Congratulations to DC!!

Winner of American Idol 2008 – David Cook

And now… SURPRISE!!!!

I roguishly uploaded a clip last week and another new one just now on YouTube of me singing with my lame guitar skills. I’m very sincere. Haha… Just enjoy!

The first video is No One originally sung by Alicia Keys and the latter one is Bleeding Love from Leona Lewis. These two songs are my current favourites.

In fact, after reading some blogs of my friends, I took this BIG STEP to upload my own clips. Needless to keep a tight rein on myself anymore, it means nothing to me now. *claps* I wanna have gusto and do something I wanna do for myself for the rest of my life – Music. It’s everywhere. Music never dies!!!!

Oh.. Support me!! If you can.

Let me laugh! Haha… 

This semester ended hours ago after sitting for the final paper. This semester was really not easy. The final paper was undoubtedly to me the toughest paper of this semester. Grrr… I totally had no clues for some questions. Please don’t fail me!!

But I’m still relaxing in excitement. Just because the exam is over. Now I can sleep early at night or maybe stay up without guilt. And wanna be a regular cinema-goer again! Errr… Some lite beers also.

My Zenith

Date me la.. 

Listen to this song. It’s a must-see clip. The Italian is damn sexy. I thought French could be the only language I would have so many emotions with it but now Italian made it as well.

Thanks to Jeero for the song. I repeatedly listened to it like N-time.

Kinda long time ago, I joined the choir friends to meet the UM choir members. No picture taken by me. So I grabbed one from Ash.

Jia Qi, Seen and KK @ Domino’s Pizza of MV (ashley greig) 

Anyway, I don’t think I will have any other chance to hang out like that again with this bunch of people. They dumped me!!

Oh well… This post is short. Hence, here I attach a very good acoustic cover of Chris Brown’s With You by Alejandro Manzano from Boyce Avenue.

Oh ya.. A brand new update about me!! I’ll be working at ASPEC as a 2-month trainee. From 5 May to 4 July. Hopefully, I don’t become stupid to be too inquisitive. Pray.

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Totally, three presentations come ahead waiting for me these coming two weeks. It’s kinda stressful but I feel much better now compared to my emotions last few weeks. Endless projects. Sleepless nights. My laptop spoiled all of a sudden and all saved stuffs were gone. This issue seriously irritated me the most!


After changing the hardisk to 160 GB one which costed 370 bucks including installation fee, everything seems alright so far. Thanks to ICT Zone! Just unfortunately, they couldn’t call back my old files. Not at all.

Gosh! Fast check him out!

David Cook

Well, he is one of the very talented contestants of American Idol this latest season. The judges were initially skeptical, but David’s take on Lionel Richie’s “Hello” for his performance of Top 16 blew them away. So proud of him.

Singing “Hello”

But I prefer his another performance – “Billie Jean”. Addicted to it!! It’s such a very good cover of the original (modified) arrangement by Chris Cornell. Before ending the song, he surprisingly impressed me from 1:32 to 1:41 minute of the clip, specifically the last two notes – A to B note (if not mistaken).

Watch the clip…

Last Saturday when I was still without my dear lappy, I went to my choir annual dinner. This year’s theme is Colours of Nature. I personally didn’t really get what it was about. It was so abstractive. Or is it a bit OTT? But most of my friends responded the theme colour as green. Oh well… My favourite colour. Hehe…

Voyage à la verdure

Since we had had a great time last year, I was quite scared of being disappointed with the location this time. Hence, I didn’t put any expectation on that. But in the end, when we arrived at the pub, wow wow… I actually liked it a lot!


I told many many friends of mine that I enjoy this kind of annual dinner the most compared to others as all people here share the same interests and hobbies. And I seldom see people being left out. What a great gathering!

Carol – Best Smile of the Night

But one sad thing – I didn’t eat enough because the program flow was not smooth. But I also wanna complain bitterly, the food was not even 5-star. Grrr… Siennn… So in the end, I didn’t finish the beefs. Ridden with guilt now.

Avec Stephanie

And one happy thing – KK was so happy.

Happy KK

Haha… Everytime he is happy, then everyone around him is happy. He made the whole night quite happening lo.. Thanks to him! I so so love him. Haha… Damn, one spoiler here. 100% not ridiculing him, he just dated a girl recently. Best of luck to him.

Junior – Kim Ling bugging around

Jia Qi et Seen

In fact, this annual dinner was the last function we all had with the graduating members. So I did see some upset faces when the function ended because they are no longer young university students imminently.

Au revoir, mes amis

Wish them best of luck in future. That’s all. I’m too young for advices proffered.

I believe we all had a great time there. And hopefully, after many friends graduating this semester, I’m still with the choir for the next few semesters until it’s my turn to graduate.

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